Home Builder

Dream Home Building for You and Your Family through Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction in Ely MN!

Building a new home for you and your family in Ely MN is both exciting and stressful. You have to decide on a budget, design, and a look for the home builder, then we can build you the house of your dreams. We at Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction can offer you just the service you need.

Porch build by usWe have been in this business for 7. We make all kinds of homes, you choose then just call us up at (218) 365-2147 and we at the Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction  in Ely MN can send our engineer or architect to meet you to discuss the details. We completely understand that you want your home to reflect your personality, so feel free to spell out all your plans. You can show us exactly how you want your rooms to be done. Even the smallest details can be provided to ensure that we meet all of your specifications.

We believe in individuality, give us your ideas on how your kitchen should be. We can show you different styles of tiles that can meet your taste and budget. The sink, tabletops, and faucets are small details that need not be left out too.

For your toilet amenities, we have the latest designs in bidets, shower gadgets, and flooring materials. If you want the traditional and standard style, we at Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction in Ely MN can offer this to you. There are plenty of styles and colors of bath accessories to choose from and we guarantee you that we are against duplicity.

The windows and doors for your new house must complement your personal style. You have to remember that latches, locks, and door knobs are small details that you need to specify also. Every single cabinet and drawer for all parts of your new house has to be discussed in detail. Our engineer can create a customized design for you. The design is exclusively made for you. We all want to be a part of the realization of your dream.

The quality of your new home is our utmost goal. Our home building & remodeling company produces new homes that adhere to safety and quality standards set by the state. We wiil not start the project until you have decided on the design. As soon as we start your house project, you can be sure of the presence of our engineer. He is always there to oversee all phases of the process. He is there to monitor the workers and assure you of total customer satisfaction. The time to call The Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction at Ely MN is now. We always make it a point to ensure you that you can come home to the house you have always dreamed of for your family.