About us

Hello everyone! My name is Drew T. Shock and I am the founder of Sunrise Cabin Care & Construction. Before I start introducing you to my company, I would like to reveal to you more details about how I started everything and how everything changed, so my company could earn more happy customers and a good reputation. At the beginning of my career as manager, I had no experience in managing people, handling documentation etc, but I was young and passionate with everything that I was doing for my company. First we were few people, working together, using cheap equipment and unknown methods, but we never failed our customers. No matter how hard it was, we were striving to perform better and better, because only like this, could we win customers on a regular base. We worked hard, to achieve the best results and improve the quality of our services. A few years after my company was founded, the number of customers was doubled. Since then we have never stopped to expand. Now we have greater self-esteem and we know that we are the best not only in Ely but in the whole state of Minnesota.

Home building project These days, the modern world gave us the opportunity to perform even better. We are currently using the latest and the most advanced technologies in the whole process of work. We have mastered the best methods available in the construction industry and have worked constantly to improve not only the quality of our main services, but the quality of our customer service and communication between us and our clients.We know what it is like to be on the other side (as customer) and know where our mistakes were made, but we are working hard to correct them as fast as we can. This is why we accept all kinds of observations and complaints, because full customer satisfaction is our number one goal.


  • Wooden bridge constructed by usSite design – Taking the whole property into account, we will work with you to design the best use of space for your project.
  • New construction –  Our experts will build your dream home from foundation to finish details with the most current codes and techniques. With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of construction we will keep your project on time and on budget.
  • Renovations and remodels – Every building has a story to tell. Our years of experience and attention to detail will design and build the next chapter to meet current codes while keeping the history alive.
  • Custom woodworking – Sometimes the perfect accent in your home cannot be found on a store shelf. Individuality and craftsmanship create your unique piece.
  • Finish carpentry – Leave the details to us! Having the right tools for the job keep your project on time and within budget.
  • Cabin care taking and maintenance – Reliable, professional service that will keep your property maintained while you are away. When you return we will have your home clean, warm and ready to enjoy.

Give us a call and see how the professionals work: (218) 365-2147